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Greater Peoria Labor Force

Below are statistics on the Greater Peoria labor force from BLS’s Local Area Unemployment Statistics.  These stats are based on where workers live, rather than where they work. Data is available on the following statistics:

Labor Force:  the number of individuals working or looking for work.
Employed: the number of individuals in the labor force that are employed.
Unemployed: the number of individuals in the labor force that are unemployed.
Unemployment Rate:  the percentage of individuals in the labor force that are unemployed.

Jobs By Industry

The data below comes from Current Employment Statistics (CES) and reflects the jobs filled in the Peoria MSA. These stats measure jobs that exist in the region regardless of the where the worker lives. Data is also available for the non-MSA counties (Mason and Logan) in our region.

Labor Force Participation

The labor force participation rate is the percentage of the civilian noninstitutional population 16 years and older that is working or actively looking for work. It is an important labor market measure because it represents the relative amount of labor resources available for the production of goods and services. (Source: www.bls.gov)

Commuting Patterns

The Greater Peoria region is supported by its surrounding communities, both as an opportunity to make a home or find a career within a commutable distance. Below is a map displaying the commuting patterns of both Greater Peoria residents who commute outside the region and workers who commute to Greater Peoria for a job.

Educational Attainment

Educational attainment is often a sign of the economic competitiveness of a community. Communities with high levels of educational attainment have more entrepreneurs and are more attractive to outside investment. This visualization displays the educational attainment across Greater Peoria counties, showing residents’ highest educational attainment levels.

Job Postings

The Illinois Department of Employment Security’s (IDES) Help Wanted Online (HWOL) program monitors the number of seasonally and not seasonally adjusted online job ad openings posted by Illinois employers. This data is produced to assist individuals seeking job opportunities with information on jobs ads by employer and by occupation in their region.

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