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Educational Attainment

Educational attainment is often a sign of the economic competitiveness of a community. Communities with high levels of educational attainment have more entrepreneurs and are more attractive to outside investment. This visualization displays the educational attainment across Greater Peoria counties, showing the highest levels of educational attainment for residents.  (EMSI estimates, 2018)

Greater Peoria labor force data 2015-2018

Below are statistics on the Greater Peoria labor force including labor force size and percent unemployment. Data provided at the county and regional level. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Local Area Unemployment Statistics) Click on a county in the legend to look at an individual counties statistics, and sort data using the radial menu. Data is available on the following statistics:

  1. Labor Force:  the number of individuals working or looking for work.
  2. Resident Employment: the number of individuals in the labor force that are employed.
  3. Resident Unemployed: the number of individuals in the labor force that are unemployed.
  4. Unemployment Rate:  the percentage of individuals in the labor force that are unemployed.

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