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The Pekin Southern Industrial Park is city-owned property and offers 3 parcels and up to 197 acres available for development.  All 3 properties are graded with electric, water, gas, sewer and fiber utilities in place.  An adjacent 161 acres of privately held land could be available for consideration as well.

The Industrial Park is home to 2 light manufacturing firms, a specialty machine shop, and a steel coating and tubing plant. The 197 city owned parcels include an 8-acre parcel, 67-acre parcel, and 64-acre parcel. The properties are within Pekin Area Enterprise Zone limits with incentives such as 100% 5-year tax abatement and building materials sales tax exemption. Property is adjacent to Illinois Rt. 29, and less than 10 miles from major interstates and airports. CN Railroad service on-site; less than one mile off barge traffic on the Illinois River.

Parcel information:

  • 8 Acres; 1660 Frontage Road, Pekin IL 61554. Pin #10-10-10-100-046
  • 67 Acres; Koch Street, Pekin IL 61554. Pin #10-10-10-200-005
  • 64 Acres; 300 & 310 Hanna Drive, Pekin, IL Pin #10-10-10-400-006

Asking Price


Property Brochure
Interactive Virtual Map Rending

This GIS tool visualizes what 4, 500,000 sf buildings with 45′ ceilings would look like on the available 119 acres.  Zoom around to see the utility capacity as well as your Industrial Park neighbors.  Special thanks to Manufacturing Network Member, TWM for developing this resource for the GPEDC.

Available Parcels

Electric: Ameren Illinois has a 69 kV sub-transmission line adjacent to the site and a 138 kV transmission line within 2.5 miles of the site. There are various 13.2 kV, 3-phase distribution lines adjacent and in the immediate area of the site. 

Gas: Ameren Illinois serves gas to the site with a 16′ diameter pipe and an 800 psi capacity.

Water: Water service is provided by IL American Water. The water rate in Pekin is 0.2730/100 gallons. There is a 12″ portable Water Main on Hanna drive with a 60psi static pressure. The system averages around 800-1000 gallons per minute with a maximum capacity of 8.8 million gallons per day.

Internet: Fiber Service is provided by I3 Broadband with 100% Fiber Optic network with scalable bandwidth solutions.  I3 is interconnected with all of the largest telecommunications companies in the country as well as having a connection to the Cermak data center in Chicago (one of the world’s largest).  

Wastewater Capacity: Provided by the City of Pekin is currently rated at 4.5 MGD average flow and 8.74 MGD maximum flow. The existing service is designed to treat up to 7,506 pounds per day (ppd) of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) and up to 9,383 ppd of total suspended solids (TSS). These ratings reflect raw sewage concentrations of 200 parts-per-million (ppm) BOD5 and 250 ppm TSS at a design average flow of 4.5 MGD.


Nearest Airports:

  • Pekin Municipal Airport, 4.3 miles from the site.
  • Peoria International Airport, 10 miles from the site.

Nearest Interstate: I-474, 5 miles from the site.

Nearest Highway: Route 29, 1 mile from the site.

Rail Access: Canadian National goes Through the Park.  Burlington Southern touches the southwest corner and crosses the river.  Both are Class 1 Rail Lines.

Workforce Pipeline Resources:  Learn more about the resources to support your company’s growth here.

Variance Process:

The property at 310 Hanna Drive is zoned I-1, Light Industrial District and the maximum height for a structure in the I-1 District is currently 45 Feet. In order to construct a building in excess of 45 feet in height, a variance would be submitted and considered by the Zoning Board of Appeals and a final approval sought from the City Council.

Setback requirements:

 No building or structure shall be erected within the following setbacks:

  • Front Setback:  not less than 50’ from R.O.W.
  • Rear Setback:  not less than 25’ from rear property line, or 50’ from R.O.W.
  • Side Setback:  not less than 25’ from side property line, or 50’ from R.O.W.

Lot Coverage:

  • The maximum pavement coverage to total lot area shall not exceed 30%.
  • The maximum building/pavement coverage to total lot area shall not exceed 70%.
  • A minimum of 30% of the total lot area shall be open and treated with landscaping, as per Section VI – P of these Covenants.


TIFF District benefits & Enterprise Zone Benefits in addition to incentives provided by the State of IL. Expenses eligible for TIFF monies include; Architectural, engineering, legal, environmental, financial, planning, and other services; Property assembly costs, including the acquisition of land, demolition of buildings, and site preparation; Costs of rehabilitation, reconstruction or repair or remodeling of existing buildings, fixtures and leasehold improvements; Cost of financing during construction; and a portion of the interest cost incurred by a developer related to the construction, renovation or rehabilitation of a redevelopment project. 

Enterprise Zone benefits include Waiver of Building Permit Fees; Sales Tax Deductions; and Property Tax Abatement on Improvement Values.

Free Trade Zone benefits include lower duties, cost avoidance, staging and showcasing capabilities, and assembly cost savings.

Additional State Incentives to consider.

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