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This property on 2400 SW Washington St comes at 157,112 square feet, occupying three floors, and sits on 6.16 acres zoned industrial area. The property comes with a lease with BNSF Railroad which allows you to use 1,800 square feet of rail space to upload cars and other cargo. Ceiling heights vary from 15 feet in the north half to 20 feet in the southern portion, and 25 feet in the far northeast corner. The facility has a 13,800-volt power supply, wet-type sprinklers, one freight elevator that carries up to 20,000 pounds, T8 and T5 fluorescent lighting (with a generator), complete with a parking lot. A break room is also included on the first floor.

Parcel information:

  • 6.16 Acres; 2400 SW Washington St., Peoria, IL 61602. Pin #1817334001

Asking Price:

  • $1.29 Million
Interactive Virtual 3D Property Tour

Use the interactive virtual tool below to tour the facility in 3D. Check out the space and different sections to visualize what is possible with this property.


  • 157,112 sq. ft. total
  • 6.16 Acres
  • 16′ – 25′ ceiling height
  • 13,800 V power
  • T8 & T5 fluorescent lighting
  • Generator
  • Freight elevator
  • Zoned Industrial
  • Rail Served


Enterprise Zone, Revolving Loan Fund, Industrial Revenue Bonds, HUB Zone, New Market Tax Credits, Foreign Trade Zone and other programs.

Other programs may apply including the EDGE program, additional gap financing instruments (low interest loans) and/or Property Assessed Clean Energy. The particulars of the project will determine which programs apply.

Interested parties may also want to use The City of Peoria’s Incentives Search here.

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