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Easy, traffic free commutes, the ease of doing business anywhere in the country, and outdoor activities like mountain biking and wakeboarding make it a great place to be.  I love it here. – Sean Garrett, Cullinan Properties

We have a great downtown and waterfront, great restaurants and entertainment, and this is the best place to grow a family. – Matt George, Chilidren’s Home

Pretty much anything that you want to do in a big city you can do it here. And if you really want to go to a big city for a weekend visit, everything is only two and a half, three hours so it’s easy. – Dr. Salimath, Bariatric Surgeon at Unity Point

It’s right in the center of the state, it’s centrally located. You’re within 500 miles of probably half the population of the country. As far as from a transportation situation, as far as deliveries, it’s a good place to be based.  – Dan Hayes, Federal Companies

In Peoria the folks are very friendly, the businesses reach out to one another, and you can make great connections here. – Cindy Loos, VP, Hanson Professional Service

Peoria is a great place to work because of the diverse and collaborative nature of everyone in the community. – John Sutherland, President, River City Construction

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