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The below visualization features Census population data for all cities and counties in Greater Peoria from 1940 to 2015. Data can be adjusted using the boxes on the right.

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Age, Gender, Race

Below are age, gender, and racial demographics for Greater Peoria Counties. Data can be sorted by county by selecting counties on the map. (Emsi estimates, 2019)

Income and Poverty

The map below displays data on household income and poverty across Illinois ZIP codes. Use the drop down menu to display either income data or poverty data.  (American Community Survey, 2015)

Can’t find the data you are looking for? Submit a Data Request. We want to make sure this site has what you need to be a useful tool.

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Welcome to the Greater Peoria Data Hub!

This new home for our region’s community and economic data is a work in progress. Regional partners are working together to build a better tool to share and measure our progress as we continue building a quality and sustainable place to live and do business.

Please let us know how this site can be most useful to you as we continuously make improvements and meet your needs to make data-driven decisions.